About Us

Brief history

ChristSmiles is a non-profit, God-breathe initiative that was kicked off in January 2021 with the focus of extending the love of Christ to indigent kids by catering for their spiritual, educational and emotional welfare.

ChristSmiles commenced operation in Ibadan, Nigeria and has currently extended to Lagos state with about twenty children enrolled in her community.

Jesus Christ is the central theme in the operation of ChristSmile and this guides our approach in the implementation of our vision and mission.

Our Programs


We provide an avenue to actively engage the educational skill of the child by supporting their educational pursuits through the first two decades of their lives.


We ensure the welfare and health is properly being attended to.


We have fun loving humans, particularly children just the way Christ did while on earth. We do this by focusing principally on the spiritual well-being of children through monthly Bible study fellowships. This is fuelled by our strong believe that Jesus is the foundation on which every other life activity should be built upon.